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For information call

We answer the phone from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Thursday and noon to midnight on Friday and Saturday.  We respectfully request that you limit phone calls to our stated phone hours. 
New couples who wait until Friday or Saturday to call for information/reservations are encouraged to call before 6pm so that we may give your inquiry our undivided attention.

eMail us at

Single Males...

The 13th Floor allows a limited number of single males to attend our parties on Friday nights. Single males are expected to be polite, respectful and to comply with our rules as explained during your orientation and tour. Single males should be cognizant of the fact that is a privilege to attend our parties and should act accordingly.

If you are a single male and have never attended a party at the 13th Floor (or have attended a party but never sent a picture), the first step is to email us a recent full body picture, including your face (no nude pictures please). Our email address is partytime@the13thfloordallas.com.  In your email, please include your full name, age, let us know if you have been here before and optionally a phone number where we can reach you.  We will contact you once we determine if you are a fit with our crowd and if we will have room for you at our party. This means that you may not hear from us until Friday afternoon.  


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