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13th Floor Traffic Alerts!

Many of our guests use I-635 and I-35E to get to The 13th Floor. As you likely know, these highways are being rebuilt and there are frequent lane closures and entrance/exit ramp closures (especially on the weekends) that cause large delays. Please click here to see the latest information regarding lane closures for the upcoming weekend. We suggest you check here right before leaving home as there are often last minute changes to the construction schedule.

For information call

We answer the phone from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Thursday and noon to midnight on Friday and Saturday.  We respectfully request that you limit phone calls to our stated phone hours. 
New couples who wait until Friday or Saturday to call for information/reservations are encouraged to call before 6pm so that we may give your inquiry our undivided attention.

eMail us at

Reservations: Marble Door Party Hosted by Len & Wendy

If you have already been to The 13th Floor and have already been assigned a  PIN, you may use this form to RSVP to our parties for the upcoming weekend. Only couples (where both of you have already attended a party as part of the same couple) and single females (who have already attended a party) may RSVP using this form.

NEW COUPLES STOP HERE - Do NOT use this form - you MUST call 469-621-2468 for reservations.  (You may click here for more information.)

Party Date:   Saturday, March 26th, 2016 at the Marble Door
Have you previously been to The 13th Floor?   We are a couple and we BOTH have been to The 13th Floor TOGETHER as a couple
I'm a single female and I have been to the 13th Floor before
No – one or both of us are new to the 13th Floor
His First Name:
(if a couple)


Her First Name:    
Are you SURE this is your PIN?   Absolutely
99.9% Sure
No -
We are not sure or never received a PIN

 PIN numbers are unique to each couple. If one member of the couple is coming with a different person (even if that person has been here before), then you MUST call to make your reservation. If you are going to be accompanied by a single friend or a new couple, that single friend or couple must also make a reservation.


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