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13th Floor Traffic Alerts!

Many of our guests use I-635 and I-35E to get to The 13th Floor. As you likely know, these highways are being rebuilt and there are frequent lane closures and entrance/exit ramp closures (especially on the weekends) that cause large delays. Please click here to see the latest information regarding lane closures for the upcoming weekend. We suggest you check here right before leaving home as there are often last minute changes to the construction schedule.

For information call

We answer the phone from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Thursday and noon to midnight on Friday and Saturday.  We respectfully request that you limit phone calls to our stated phone hours. 
New couples who wait until Friday or Saturday to call for information/reservations are encouraged to call before 6pm so that we may give your inquiry our undivided attention.

eMail us at

Welcome to The 13th Floor

Len & Wendy to Host another Party at The Marble Door

We had a fantastic party this past Saturday so Wendy and Len are going to do it again - this time on Saturday March 26th. Join us at The Marble Door and get soaked when we hold one of our favorite events - Wet T-Shirt night!!! This is always an amazingly hot party so don't miss your chance to see some of the sexiest ladies anywhere jump on stage and show their stuff as we spray them from head to toe. There will be a $100 first prize, $75 second prize and $50 third prize. If you plan to be in the contest, please bring your own T-shirt. The contest will start at 11:15 so make your plans to arrive early and join us for a very wet night! Kenny will be our DJ, Annette will be making another great dinner and we will bring along some old friends to tend bar.

We expect this party to be a sellout, so make your reservations ASAP. Reservations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. We don't like disappointing anyone, but space is limited so act quickly!

About Marble Door Parties

The Marble Door is a long established on-premise club located just a mile or two from the Northwest Highway exit of I-75. They have a large bar/dance floor area, multiple play rooms, lockers and it is a non-smoking facility (There is a fenced in patio for smokers). The party is BYOB.

How to Make Reservations for this Party

For those of you who have partied with us in the past - you can make reservations on our Web site (if you know your PIN), on Swingers Date Club, on Quiver or on Swing Life Style. You may also e-mail us for your reservation. Once we have your reservation, we will send you instructions for confirming your reservation with the Marble Door - you MUST complete this second step to complete your reservation.

For those of you who have never partied with us before, please send us an e-mail and we will provide you with additional information. We can't wait to see all you!

Len & Wendy    

After a nearly 14 year run, The 13th Floor is closing its doors at our current location. We are confident that we will find a new facility where we will once again host the same incredible parties that have made The Floor one of the country's best known and most respected adult clubs.

We have every intention to see to it that The 13th Floor lives on. We know it will be a daunting task to find the right facility in just the right spot and then turn it into an environment that will make our parties as special as they have always been. Needless to say, this will take some time, but we hope you will join us whenever and wherever we are able to re-open.

In the meantime, if you do not currently get our newsletter, click here to add yourself to our mailing list so that we can keep you updated on our progress.

We are still planning our 2016 Temptations Takeover (a topless optional all-inclusive hotel in Cancun). Details may be found below.

For those of you who have never attended a party at The 13th Floor, we have left the rest of our website intact so that you may learn more about The 13th Floor. While our facility will be different we hope our clean, safe, and exciting environment will be better than ever!

For those of you looking for other local venues during our hiatus, we recommend that you check out The Marble Door (www.marbledoor.com) Players DFW (www.playersdfw.com)and Colette's (www.coletteclubs.com). We hope you enjoy your visits to these clubs but we are counting on you to rejoin us at the New 13th Floor once we are up and running.

We also suggest that you join one or more of the following swinger’s sites: www.quiver.us, www.sdc.com or www.swinglifestyle.com These sites offer you a chance to find hundreds of local area swingers, a large variety of events (both local and national) that you may wish to attend and a lot of other information about the swinger’s lifestyle.

With an unbelievable amount of gratitude to the thousands of couples who have attended parties at The 13th Floor – Thanks and stay tuned!

Len & Wendy

The 13th Floor Goes to Temptations
June 5th to 12th, 2016

The 13th Floor will once again takeover Temptations in 2016. Last year, we had 50 couples join us for an unbelievably fun time so we have decided to do it again! Temptations is a topless optional resort in Cancun and the cost includes not only your room, but all of your food and drinks (including unlimited alcohol). The resort offers daily fun and games at the "sexy pool" as well as nightly theme nights with all sorts of fun games and shows. The lounge is open for all sorts of sexy fun and dancing until the wee hours of the morning. We hope to have even more of you join us for another amazing trip this year.

• The cost per garden view room is $210 per night per couple (Rates for ocean view rooms, singles and a 3rd person in the same room are also available - send an e-mail if you would like those rates).
Payment in full is due the day your reservation is confirmed
• These rates include a "premier" membership during your stay - this entitles you to an expedited check in, access to member only bars, special seating at both the pool and Paty-O's nightclub and additional menu choices in the specialty restaurants. Any room rates you see on the Internet do not include this membership.
• In addition to the "buffet" restaurant, there are four specialty restaurants (no additional charge, but reservations in some of them are required).
• You do not have to stay all seven nights.
• We will have one group dinner in the buffet restaurant on Monday night.
• In addition to e-mail updates, we will have a "secret" Facebook group for those going on the trip so that everyone may communicate before, during and after the trip.
• You will be
required to attend a sales presentation during your stay. You will be charged an additional $35 per night if you do not attend this presentation. Be warned that this presentation can be high pressure but you are in no way obligated to buy anything.

Ready to Book? Have Questions?
Click here to send to send us an e-mail (partytime@the13thfloordallas.com). Please make the subject of your e-mail Cancun 2016
Please do NOT book directly with the hotel - you must reserve through The 13th Floor.




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